Simple Bread

A simple bread I make on boats often. Very easy.

two cups flour

one tbsp normal baking yeast

one tbsp sugar

one cup of clean Ocean water OR one cup of fresh water and one tsp of salt

Knead all of this into a ball, cover it with a towel in a bowl and put somewhere slightly warm and let rise until double in size.

Take it out of the bowl, shape it into baguette, then let rise again until double then bake it until it is cooked.

I can say bake at whatever temperature, but boat oven’s aren’t too controllable, just make the oven hot and keep an eye on it.

Generally once the room smells like fresh bread, wait ten minutes then remove from oven, and wait twenty minutes before eating. The inside is still cooking during this cool down time.

Categories: Deliveries, Galley

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