To better enjoy sailing your boat

Welcome to the club of sailors. You joined it when you first looked at a sailboat and got yourself hooked. This page is to help you enjoy sailing safer, better, and more affordably. This page is sort of an encyclopedia, a compilation of experience I want to share with whoever may find it useful. I am not sponsored, my views are completely my own.

About Us

Kristjan a Transport Canada licensed 150gt Master, RYA Ocean Master and STCW OOW Marine Engineer. Professional sailing gigs have included being a delivery Captain zig-zagging around the Atlantic Ocean delivering all sorts of boats all over the place, a charter captain showing off Croatia, and the Caribbean, ‘Quality Control’ for a BVI charter company, and a general freelance boat fixing/teaching guy who now sails his own boat with his family. Literally many years at sea in a professional capacity, and now he sails and cruises for pleasure.

Ocean voyaging, local cruising, and day sailing are all dangerous in the wrong combination of conditions. Please let this website/compilation serve to prepare you and be a tool in your box, not a recipe for overconfidence. I ‘apprenticed’ for several Ocean crossings, and plenty of not-easy sailing before I was let loose as a respected Delivery Captain and later as a Charter Captain carrying guests for week-long trips.

One Day, Kris met a mermaid who wanted to go sailing also. They had a kid since sailing without kids is too predictable and boring, they had a second kid because the first one was bored. Most of their local cruising is from anchorage to anchorage and rowing ashore to find a playground and an ice cream store.


Our boat is a Tom Colvin designed 40′ Schooner. The hull model is Doxy, that is also her name. Built out of Corten steel by John Dearden and John D’Esterre in 1982. Check out the article for more info on why I feel Colvin boats are some of the best cruising boats designed.

This web page is a contribution of my experience to everyone in this club that we call the sailing community. Many people guided and advised me when I started and this is part of paying it forward.

Thank you to everyone who helped me when I started out.

Get in touch, I value feedback and am happy to help anyway I can.

(If you’d like to ask me to write about something, I’ll tell honestly if I have experience worth contributing and I will, otherwise information will appear as family and work commitments allow me to do so.)

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